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Invelo online marketing agency has been working with for six months in the field of SEO optimisations, link building and web design. is one of the market leaders in the Netherlands in the online sale of children’s bicycles, granny bicycles and balance bikes in the Netherlands. Thanks to online marketing agency Invelo, positions itself in top positions in Google for the keywords: children’s bicycle(s), cheap children’s bicycles, buy a children’s bicycle, etc. Through a new and fresh web design, technical SEO optimizations in the webshop and intensive link building campaigns, Kinderfietsen positions itself .com high in Google’s search engine.


  • Conversion-oriented and new/fresh web design
  • Fast loading times and improvement in the crawl accessibility of the webshop
  • Written link building strategy for the keywords: buy children’s bicycle(s) and children’s bicycle
  • Positioning in top positions in Google Search in the market of children’s bicycles
  • SEO on-page content optimizations of all pages


  • Drawing up wireframes and mock-ups and an agreed timeline for the web design of
  • The SEO specialists have proposed a solid link building strategy to the customer with all costs and revenues mapped out
  • The on-page SEO specialists have mapped out all content optimizations for


  • Implemented a conversion-oriented and SEO-friendly web design for to achieve higher conversion rates in the webshop.
  • Our developers have improved the loading speed considerably compared to the old loading speed, the crawl accessibility has been optimized, so that Google indexes the pages faster.
  • Through a competitive analysis and a written link building strategy, we have secured top positions.

BECOME THE MARKET LEADER IN ONLINE CHILDREN'S BICYCLE SALES IN THE NETHERLANDS is a renowned webshop with many well-known children’s bicycle brands in the webshop, such as Volare, Disney Cars, Batman children’s bicycles and Paw Patrol children’s bicycles. Colorful and stylish girls’ bicycles or a cool boys’ bicycle with a significant discount can be found in the webshop. A wide range with our own stock in all sizes and colors available at a competitive price is one of the strongest points of The webshop delivers orders placed before 13:00 and is shipped the same day free of charge, which means that many customers are very satisfied with the service provided by the brand.

The mission of is to become the online market leader in children's bicycles throughout the Netherlands. One of the important aspects was still missing: being found on top positions in Google Search Engine.


The results of the link building strategy are clearly noticeable, because in a relatively short period of time has risen to high top positions in Google for a few keywords and the number of sales of the children’s bicycle webshop has increased. On the search terms ‘children’s bicycle’, ‘children’s bicycles’ and ‘cheap children’s bicycles’, ranks 1 to 5 with search volumes of 200 to 8400 visitors per month.


The positive results in Google’s search engine ensure a better findability of the website and thus an increase in the number of visitors per month. The number of sales of children’s bicycles has increased explosively, which means that now invests every month in link building and performing technical SEO optimisations. The owner of is convinced of the use of SEO optimizations and intensive link building campaigns.

Important aspects of the explosive growth in organic traffic are the following components:

– Strong backlinks with high domain authority and Trust Flow

– Technical SEO optimizations focused on loading speed and indexation

– W ordPress webshop with optimized Caching modules

– Relevant and engaging web texts

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