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Isolatieoord started as a small company with the emphasis mainly on the sale of mineral wool types, but at very competitive rates, so that effective insulation was feasible for everyone. But in a thriving insulation market, Isolatieoord grew into one of the largest online sellers of insulation material. The range has been expanded and is still expanding. Isolatieoord keeps up with the latest technologies, so that they can always offer the best and most sustainable products, and of course still at the lowest prices.

The products that once started it all are rock wool and glass wool. But now the range has grown considerably in response to many customer requests. The range also includes PIR XPS and EPS insulation material. This specifically concerns insulation boards, granules, and the associated fasteners. Think of roof screws, wall ties and tapes. At you can insulate your own home from top to bottom at a very affordable price.

The Frisian level-headedness of Isolatieoord and Invelo ensures a warm bond and transparent communication. We both attach great importance to sustainability, honesty and delivering results. Below you can read more about the services provided, the challenges, the plan of action and the services provided in recent years.


The challenge of was to get all the top positions (top 3) in Google search. There was no internal expertise in the field of content marketing, SEO and link building, which meant that was positioned outside the top 3 of Google.

In addition, the challenge was to create content that gives visitors more information about the type of insulation materials, the benefits of each insulation material and the specific costs of each type of material.


  • Perform keyword research for all keywords relevant in the insulation market
  • Build URL structure based on all target keywords of
  • Monthly optimization of all category and product pages (SEO)
  • Set up intensive link building campaigns to position all keywords in the top 3 of Google
  • Maintain all keywords and update all online content


  • Fully SEO optimized URL structure composed for all parent topics of
  • New pages created with a new web design and focused on search intent (SEO friendly)
  • Monthly qualitative backlinks (DR 40+, Trust Flow 20+ and low citation flow) placed on authoritative domains
  • The final result was a position 1 ranking on all target keywords (roof insulation, wall insulation, insulation, etc.)

Constructive and aggressive backlink profile

Structural growth in organic traffic and organic search terms

Resulting in top positions in Google search within one year


Together with the content marketers of, we optimized the content for search intent and improved the user experience. The on-page optimization of these pages has made a major contribution to the high rankings in Google search. Below we have shared some images of the on-page content of with the correct search intent.

  • Due to the content optimizations below, positions itself for the keywords: roof insulation, what does roof insulation cost, insulation roof, roof insulation plates, insulation material roof and insulating roof in the top 3 of Google search.
  • Due to the content optimizations below, positions itself for the keywords: wall insulation, insulation wall, wall insulation costs, insulating walls, wall insulation boards and intermediate wall insulation in the top 3 of Google search.
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